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Why is there like 15 games in my steam library that are updating right now?

something something dirty break my legs

The ATM machine rejected my card and said fraud suspected, twice, but I never got a text about it.

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It's not enough to squat a Mastodon handle that you never use.

It's not enough to automatically repost your Twitter timeline.

You have a chance to be part of something new. Something important. To shape it in the right way.

With all of us.

Breathe life into *this* community and *this* network by posting here, creating here, connecting here.

Be here now.

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PSA: Telegram disguises itself as an encrypted chat app, when it is actually just a regular centralized plaintext messenger that has an encryption feature that nobody uses.

Don't walk. Run.

cool thing about the twitter exodus is the people I can follow now

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Also what are they gonna do with Truth Social now that Donnie T is back on Twitter?

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